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SMARTElectrode 16.0 available for Creo Parametric 10.0

6. October 2023 | Updates

The new version of SMARTElectrode offers some improvements and new functions:

  • New command “Quilt Envelope”
    The new command enables the creation of a cuboid, closed quilt that encloses a selected area. The gathering surface is available for subsequent surface operations such as trimming, merging and extending, thus simplifying the creation of an erosion contour from surfaces.
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  • New page “General” in user interface Base
    General information of the electrode, such as operation, standard position of the EDM and manufacturing zero point and holder are summarized on this page. This makes the “Blank” page for assigning position and size clearer.
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  • New page “Parameter” in user interface Base
    This tab shows all parameters assigned to the “Technology” filter. The filters can be adjusted in the parameter configuration and allow the user to define their own views.
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  • Revised Ribbon
    The ribbon in design (active component) mode allows direct access to Creo commands from the areas of measurement, datums and surfaces without having to change the tab.
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More information about the product and the new versions

You can find more information about electrode design with SMARTElectrode in Creo Parametric on the product page or on our YouTube channel.

SMARTElectrode for Creo Parametric 10.0

What’s new in SMARTElectrode

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